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Universal Techpark Ltd. employs the best dedicated safety minded employees, licensed fire safety consultants and designers that will create a full design of your building layout with AutoCAD software, identifying placement of all required equipment. NFPA-72(Adition-10) addresses the fire safety regulations applied to fire detection and protection systems, including the application, location, installation, and all maintenance and required testing.

UTL designs the entire fire safety system, including placement of all alarm sensors and alerts, whether audible horns, announcement systems or visual strobe lights, in accordance with all regulations for fire warning systems and components.

This includes proper placement of the appropriate type of portable fire extinguisher for your application, in compliance with NFPA-10 which details code requirements for portable fire extinguishers. We are a fully licensed fire extinguisher service company, providing fire extinguisher inspection services, and maintenance on all types of fire extinguishers.

We are licensed fire safety consultants providing reliable monitoring of your installed system, further ensuring the safety of all occupants.

UTL has vast knowledge of all fire codes and guidelines, as not all municipalities follow the same revision level. We will ensure that your fire and safety system is compliant with all fire safety regulations enforced in your jurisdiction, custom designed for your unique building layout.

High Rise Security Systems, UTL is a recognized leader in designing, testing and monitoring fire safety systems and alarms, ensuring compliance to all fire safety regulations. We will provide required data sheets to obtain necessary permits for your fire detection and protection system. Contact us today to see how we can provide proven solutions as expert fire safety consultants.

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