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Automatic Parking & Automatic Main Gate

Our fully automated parking garages increase parking up to 100% by sliding cars closer together, both side-to-side and bumper-to-bumper. Our parking platform allows parking two levels deep with independent access to any car. This can maximize space normally lost in driving lanes and behind columns. Our turntable allows convenient access in narrow and limited spaces

  • The Automated Advantage:
  • Doubles parking capacity over comparably sized conventional garages.
  • Provides for the safe/secure parking of cars with safety advantages for users.
  • Integrated turntable option.
  • Accommodates different car heights and large, luxury cars.
  • Easy operation with several control options.
  • Security against theft, damage and vandalism.
  • Environmentally friendly (compact construction & reduced exhaust gas emission). 2-minute retrieval times

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